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Vegetables in Paper Bags



Dr.Kandace Flythe Radiologist

Paul has cooked for us for over 6 years and he makes healthy eating taste good. We enjoy the different variety of creative dishes and love the ginger brew!


The Byrds

Dining! Feasting! Enjoying the food prepared by Paul

Ritter is good for You! When we eat what Paul cooks, we

lose weight, blood sugar goes down, and blood pressure

goes down. For us it is a delicious way to be healthy.


Jonathan & Kanika Evans

Chef Paul’s services have been such a blessing for our family. Not only does his cooking provide great tasting meals, but we are also eating foods that are healthy and beneficial to our bodies that our kids actually enjoy! Plus, having food prepared for the entire week saves us so much time as we navigate our very busy family schedule. Chef Paul has also 

educated us in making wise choices while grocery shopping!

Great food, Great health, Great time, is how we would define Chef Paul.


Yolanda Hervey

In July 2020 I was diagnosed with breast cancer and as I went along on my journey one of the main things that I had to change was my diet. I was introduced to Paul and he was an absolute lifesaver for me and my family. He came into my home every other week preparing healthy meals for us. I am here to say my life has been so much better since I learned how to eat the right foods because everything I had been eating all of my 54 years of life had been bad. Paul educated and continues to educate me on what I should be eating. When I ask for yams, he’s gonna give me yams but it’s not going to look like or taste like what I use to have. When he prepares my meals he only gets the best fresh food. To tell you that his meal plans are on point is an understatement. The proof is in the numbers. I was so excited when I went for my last checkout and my vitals were excellent. I have had a history of high blood pressure but the last time I went to my Dr my numbers were superb.


I was so excited that I took a picture of it and who was the first person that I sent it to. It was Paul and all I could say was thank you for all you do to help keep me alive and remain cancer free. He is my family now. He checks on me. I love him, his wife and his mom like they are my relatives.  paul Ritter is the ingredient to good health and longevity.


Courtney & Jocelyn Walker

“We love working with Paul! He makes delicious, healthy meals that our whole family enjoys. We have kids with food allergies, and he was able to accommodate their restrictions with no issue! He helped revamp our spice cabinet, making healthier swaps for some of our staples. We now have added weapons for minimizing colds and sickness during the winter as well. We can’t say enough about the wealth of knowledge that he is in the area of nutrition!!”


Dex and Kandis Reese

Forget GAME CHANGER, Paul Ritter SWITCHED THE WHOLE GAMING SYSTEM! He entered our lives during a critical point in my life. I'd just been told I had cancer in my breast and would need to start treatments as soon as possible. Paul has walked with us every week during this journey and has taught me how to fuel and build my body with food instead of unnecessary medications. He makes it simple. Eat real food! And organic is always best! On top of that, he's taught us how to keep home-cooked meals in our house all week for our family of four, significantly reducing the amount of money we were spending eating out. And to put the cherry on top, Paul's food is BOMB! We like to call him Chef Paul even though he'll say he's not one. Trust us, he absolutely is a Chef full of knowledge that's been tested with time. He has changed our lives and our relationship with food and health for the better.


Kenny & Tanika Donnell

Working with Chef Paul has TRULY been a Godsend. We both have extremely busy schedules and while we enjoy eating healthy, after our long days at work, making the right meal decision isn’t always the convenient one. 

Our healthy meal planning goals exist to help us stay physically fit, eat right, and provide better nutritional options for our children.  Unfortunately, we could not find a successful balance easily with our limited time.

After connecting with Chef Paul and working with him for over a year now,  it has been everything that we prayed and wished for!  

Now, with Chef Paul cooking for our family, we don’t have to worry about sorting through health recipes or extensive meal prep.

We now don’t have to be concerned if our food options are going to be healthy choices for ourselves and our children, in addition we don’t have to worry about when we are going to have time to shop or go to Whole Foods; because he ALSO takes care of the grocery shopping!!

Chef Paul gave us the balance we needed, the time back we truly craved along with healthy food choices that will allow us and our children to reap the benefits for years to come. 

If you are desiring great tasting healthy food options that are not only good for your health but also TASTE delicious Chef Paul is the way to go!

This one investment will not only affect you but generations that come after you because you are teaching your children that eating healthy is a priority and it also taste GREAT!



Stephanie Castro

Sometimes you just have to take drastic measures.  When I was diagnosed with triple negative breast cancer last year, I never thought that my condition was related to what I was putting in my mouth.  I was referred to Paul Ritter last year, but I never called because I was just so caught up in doing exactly what the doctors told me to do.  My focus was on staying positive, following doctor’s orders, and beating this dreaded disease.  Well fast forward a year and 1/2 later, and I am not cured because the cancer spread and became metastatic.  Basically, the cancer can be controlled not cured.  Well that’s what they say.  I finally called Paul and made the decision to get my health on track.  It was the absolute BEST decision I have ever made.  After 2 months of working with my new health coach, my A1C is now 5.9 down from 14.2 a year ago.  I am completely off of all my anti nausea meds, and I feel great! A simple change in grocery stores, meal prep and trying new things has resulted in feeling better, pristine scans, and even a few less pounds.  I recommend Paul Ritter to anyone who not only wants to learn how to eat right, but who also wants to learn the science behind it all.  I learned so much valuable information from our initial conversation, that I just had to start the program.  I’m so glad I did!



When I was first diagnosed with Lupus,  I was soo lost.  I kept hearing about this guy who was teaching lots of people how to eat healthy. Well in due time I met the man , Paul Ritter. He was God sent.  Paul taught me how to eat and cook the right foods. Which in turn started me  a new journey to a healthier life. Thank you Jehovah God for Paul. He changed my life for the better. 

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Shannon & Carla Smith

Entering our lives over 4 years ago, we never realized Paul and his wife would become family. After all, he was hired to simply cook meals. However, he does so much more. He educates about nutrition, supplements, workouts, infections, remedies, diseases and much more. He enters our home with a hearty “Hello my good people,” and my four year old takes off running to the door, “Mr. Paul is here!” He coordinates meals with my husband to prepare the shopping list that accommodates my bariatric diet, my husbands lean diet, our greedy teens diet and our vegetable loving four year old’s diet. His turkey and kale soup is a family favorite and his cabbage never lasts more than three days in the Smith house! Thank you, Kim, for sharing him with us and allowing him to spend countless hours in our kitchen to keep us healthy and fed.

Chontell Rhodes.png

Duane & Chontell Rhodes

We like to call Paul our Wellness Chef. It’s fitting because he has changed several unhealthy eating habits and how we grocery shop.  He not only comes to our home with a cheery, positive attitude, he also comes with heathy options for our favorite foods. We now choose the healthier options when we are in the grocery store which has greatly improved our overall heath. My husband and I are maintaining a healthy weight, enjoying organic foods, and feeling better than ever with lots of energy!!  We are very thankful for Chef Paul making our health and well-being a priority and providing us with helpful information for healthy living!!

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