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Healthy Eating with Paul

In this eye-opening eCourse, Chef Paul Ritter will reveal the hidden dangers lurking in everyday foods like dairy, meat, fruit, and sodium. You'll learn how these seemingly harmless foods can wreak havoc on your health, causing inflammation, digestive issues, and even chronic disease. With Chef Paul's expert guidance, you'll discover the truth about the food industry and how to make informed choices to transform your health and wellbeing. - "The Dark Side of Dairy": Learn how dairy products can lead to inflammation, allergies, and digestive issues, and discover delicious plant-based alternatives. - "Meat Myths Debunked": Explore the health risks associated with consuming meat, from antibiotic resistance to cancer, and learn how to incorporate more plant-based protein sources into your diet. - "Fruit Frenzy": Discover which fruits are high in sugar and how they can impact your health, plus learn how to choose fruit options that are both delicious and nutritious. - "Sodium Secrets": Uncover the hidden sources of sodium in your diet and learn how to reduce your intake to improve heart health and reduce bloating. - "Label Lies": Learn how to decipher food labels and spot sneaky ingredients that can sabotage your health goals, plus get tips on how to make informed choices at the grocery store.




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